Configuring Outlook Express 5/6

For those that still have older systems that still use Outlook Express to check email. We've provided a walk-through to configure your email, this will clear up any misunderstanding that you had in the past on setting up Outlook Express.


Getting Started:

  1. Start by going to Outlook Express if you haven't already done so. You can do this by clicking: Start Menu > All ProgramsOutlook Express.
  2. Go to your toolbar at the top of your screen and click on Tools and then Accounts.
  3. A new window will now open up with new selections to choose from, go ahead and click on Add > then Select: Mail
  4. Now we have another window here that comes up asking for a display name, go ahead and put your full name.
  5. Now click the Next button.
  6. Next you will be asked to enter your full email address. Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  7. Now click the Next button.
  8. The next screen you'll be at will ask for your Incoming Mail Server & Outgoing Mail Server and a Mail Server Type. Go ahead and Enter mail.ectisp.netfor both your Incoming Mail Server & Outgoing Mail Server. You will now have a few options here as to which mail server type you can select, in the drop down box at the top. You can choose either POP3 or IMAP. For those of you that are puzzled as to what to select this is explained in greater detail below. Otherwise you can continue.

    In a POP3 mail server your email messages are downloaded from Ectisp servers to your home computer or device and then your messages are deleted from the mail server, now take into account that if this computer or device fails for any reason there's no redundancy and any messages you may have will be lost forever. This is by far the most common type of email server in the world, and what you are customers had used in the past. Now as for IMAP those same email messages remains on Ectisp servers essentially keeping a permanent copy of all your email messages on our mail server until you delete these messages, which also now makes it capable of being sync'd across multiple platform devices. (e.g. Phone's,Laptop's,Desktop's,Pda's,etc...)

    After you have made your selection: Click Next and let continue.

  9. In this screen you will be asked to provide a Account & Password, for your account enter your full email address as before then your password. Now click Next then Finish.
  10. Now we're back at the Internet Accounts window we started at earlier. There should now be a new entry listed here with your display name go ahead and select it from the list and click on Properties.
  11. Now in the Properties Window click on the Servers Tab.
  12. Check the box under Outgoing Mail Server that says: My Server Requires Authentication. If you don't check this box you won't be able to send email.
  13. Now Click Apply then OK. Then click on Close.
  14. Your email account will now appear on the left-side of Outlook Express.
  15. If everything is correct click Send/Receive from your top menu (or press F5) to send & receive email.
  16. Outlook Express will now download any email saved in your email account that's still on the mail server.


Congratulations! You've just configured Outlook Express to send & receive email.