How to manage your eMail 101

I would like to help you understand how to use the new email server's ability to filter and quarantine your email. You will need to do this anytime you suspect that your email is not being delivered to your Inbox. I am sorry that it has come to this but the Spammers and Viruses are relentless as you know. I would also like to give you some advice DO NOT give out your email address to just any website that you come to, if that site does not have a truly working link to unsubscribe, that site is more than likely one that you don't want to have your email address. I hate to say it but get your self a trash email account at gmail, yahoo or hotmail for those sites. One more thing DO NOT click on the unsubscribe link that is in the Spam eMail that is a sure way to keep your self on the spammers eMail list. If there is a link to a website you may want to use it, but remember that link could be a trap also.

Spam Management

First you will need to goto, the email administration website. This can be found at https://mail.ectisp.net/ or by going to https://www.ectisp.net. Move your mouse pointer over the WebMail button on the left and then click on Email Administration on the right. Please login to your email account with your complete email address (using lower case type) and password.

After logging in you will find on the left a link to Spam Management. Click  on the link. Under the Spam Management you will now see View Quarantined Mail. Click on View Quarantined Mail. Back to the right you will see your quarantined email. Look through the email, if you find an email from someone that you want to receive you will need to click on the email under the Subject column. Now that you are looking at the email you will have the option to, Delete Permanently, Deliver Normally, or Whitelist and Deliver. At this screen you will see Action: Select an action (Drop down window). You want to Whitelist and Deliver. By doing this the email from this person will always be delivered to your email Inbox without any more intervention
from you.

Action Definitions:

  1. Delete Permanently - This message is Spam so delete it forever from the mailbox.
  2. Deliver Normally - This message is Not Spam and will deliver the message to your mailbox.
  3. Whitelist and Deliver - Add the sender to your From Whitelist and deliver the message to your mailbox.

You will need to Whitelist and Deliver for any email that you want to come directly to your email Inbox.

Next you will need to go back to the list and scan through it for other email you can do this by clicking on Go Back to Messages.

Scan the list for email that you want to delete permanently and check the box on the left or click on Mark all messages as Spam then move your mouse to Spam - Please delete permanently and click on it. Your email will be in quarantined for 30 days. (Not 10 days as it says on the Quarantined

A word about Anti-Spam Protection settings. You have many options with ECTISP's mail server. ECTISP has set your email account on Normal, (w/Quarantine)   (RECOMMENDED). If you change these settings be aware that you can completely stop email from coming to your Inbox and the email will be lost forever.

If you have any questions the email administration website has a Help link or you can call our office.