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Locally Owned & Operated

All Inclusive Pricing with No Rental/Leasing Fees or Hidden Service Call Costs - We cover 100% of our equipment against natural failures1 and will repair or replace damaged equipment at no cost to you the user. (Other Providers charge upwards of $9+ monthly for leasing and repair)

No Contracts - All of our service plans come standard with a monthly agreement which can be upgraded or cancelled at anytime at no cost.

No Data/Cap Limits - When we say no limits we really do mean no limits, at ECTISP we have never imposed a data limit on our customers nor will we ever impose such limits.

24/7 Network Service Monitoring - We monitor our infrastructure and clients networking equipment 24/7/365 days a year. 

Free Unlimited Email (Optional) - Comes equipped with Built-in Spam and Virus Protection and a Easy to Use WebGUI Interface for those that need that added extra security. 

Client Referral Program - Referring new members get you payed!  

Don't be fooled by the competition!



The ECTISP Service Advantage

Service without compromise!


   ECTISP Advantage Other Providers
Included Standard Premium
Network Configuration Troubleshooting
Evaluating and attempting to correct software
Assist with operating systems and networking issues
Free in home labor and replacement parts1 Add'l Fee  Add'l Fee 
Online safety and security support** N/A Add'l Fee
Support, configuration, setup and troubleshooting of 3rd party devices: printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, networked hard drives and other network connected devices N/A Add'l Fee
Assist with home networking equipment N/A Add'l Fee
Support & Troubleshooting for connecting Internet/smart TVs, Blu-Rays, tablets and mobile devices and game consoles N/A Add'l Fee
Content Sharing Support**(e.g.: NAS, Workgroup's, Cloud Storage): transfer of content from one device to another N/A Add'l Fee
Mobile Devices (including tablets): setup and trouble-shooting N/A Add'l Fee


Service Levels


Data Caps




VoIP Ready


SD/ HD Streaming Ready


4K UHD Streaming Ready4


Email Included

Budget $29.95 512 Kbps 256 Kbps NO LIMITS N/A N/A N/A N/A Unlimited
For some of us, every penny counts! Our budget service allows you to pay bills, surf & check email. This service is for Single Device Use Only. You may install a router at your own risk without any support from ECTISP.

Pro-Network $59.95 10 Mbps 2.5 Mbps NO LIMITS

Router Included




Many users have multiple devices and need assistance with configuration. The Pro-Network package includes a wireless router and technical support for all your systems. Have Laptops, Desktops, Handhelds, Smart TVs, Smart Phones or Game Consoles? We do our best to get them all online.

Extreme-Network2 $74.95 15 Mbps 4 Mbps NO LIMITS

Router Included

Ready Ready 1 Stream Unlimited
This is geared for those internet hungry devices and video streaming services. The Extreme-Network package at 15 Mbps Down & 4 Mbps UP gets the job done. With local staff on hand for network configuration support, your Small Home Business, VPN, or Personal Home Network can be online with the greatest of ease and as always all your WiFi connected devices are supported.

Ultra-Network2 $94.95 20 Mbps 8 Mbps NO LIMITS

Router Included



1 Stream

Larger organizations or families often find network bottlenecks quickly as compared to their smaller counterparts. As your needs grow your connection can too! The Ultra-Network connection is for you. At 20 Mbps, the Ultra-Network package can meet the bandwidth needs of larger organizations and families alike and as always all your WiFi connected devices are supported.

Point-to-Point Network3 $200.00 40 Mbps 15 Mbps NO LIMITS

Router Included



2-3 Streams

Rely on internet for all of your revenue or just a heavy user? This service is for you! We setup a privately dedicated link from one of our towers to your location. Your connection will come with 24/7 outage monitoring which will be responded to 24/7 365 weather permitting. You get the same level of care & priority as if you were one of our own networking infrastructure. Subject to availability in select areas.





Installation & Additional Options Pricing
Installation Fee

*$100 off Installation w/Annual Payment
**Walls with Fire Blocks $150 Additional

Re-Installation Fee

*In Most Cases

Additional Cable Drops (Interior Walls) $150.00 each
Additional Cable Drops (Interior Walls w/ Fire Blocks) $350.00 each





1. Natural failures are determined by any natural element which is outside the control of the customer. If equipment has been determined that it has been damaged do to negligence by the customer there will be a $150 dollar service fee that will be assess before equipment will be replaced and is non-negotiable. Larger fees may be required if damage is incurred during removal of any piece of equipment from business/residence while under maintenance or repair from contractors/sub-contractors that are not employed by of ECTISP Inc. For Ex: Damage incurred due to removal of cpe and mast from roof and or not limited to cutting of the networking cable during the reroofing process. If this is the cause please call and schedule for us to remove and store your equipment in such a time to remount equipment when ready to continue service.

2. Depending on your distance from the tower and local interference and indoor wireless availability your installer will help determine your maximum available package and location in building at the time of installation. Also it is highly recommended for customers that have SMART TV's in their household to hard wire those devices for best possible service as wireless may have interference from neighboring routers and poor signal depending on distance from router and can become unreliable causing buffering. 

3. Point-to-Point includes a standard block of 8 (5 usable) ip addresses or /29 subnet with installation. A larger block's of 16 (13 usable) ip addresses or /28 subnet can be purchased for a additional $40.00/mo. Businesses that need larger IP/Subnet Blocks then a /28 need to please contact our sales department for requests and also have filed a properly written or emailed IP Address Justification Form. Installation Price is $350 and is non-negotiable, includes dedicated installation of a private wireless network bridge from tower to your location which requires more equipment then a standard installation. Please allow several business days to complete from time of initial installation at your location for us to fully complete installation of your dedicated link. We will contact you on completion of your dedicated link.      

4. Information sourced from data pulled from Amazon llc & Netflix inc, and YouTube llc. Bandwidth Measures, Recommends a minimum of 15~25 Mbits/s per network stream for 4K Video Streaming. Due to 4K's heavy bandwidth utilization we can't always 100% guarantee smooth playback without some buffering with network congestion during peak hours and with other household internet usage present in your internal network. If you are have issues streaming at 4K try reducing your streaming quality down to HD(1080) or less and/or look for other devices in the household that are using the remaining bandwidth in the home and turn them off to help smooth playback.

Read Service Agreement for further details.